David Lee

David portraitHeight: 5′ 8″ / 1.73M
Weight: 158 Lbs / 71.6 Kilos
Body Fat: 3.8%
Lung Volume: 7.8 Ltr
Longest Static Apnea: 7 Minutes 2 Seconds

Born July 21st, 1975 in Kingston, Jamaica. David grew up in a watersports environment which is a direct influence of his mother Jan Lee. David learned to swim before he could walk and did his first scuba dive at age four. His mother Jan has owned Lady G’Diver, one of the most reputable dive shops in the Caribbean since the late 70s.

Growing up in this environment, he could not help but become a water baby. At age seventeen he graduated from Titchfield High School in Port Antonio, Jamaica where he then worked for two years as a dive master at Lady G’Diver. David then moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to pursue a college degree in Management Information Systems.

At age 21 growing absolutely tired of scuba diving he decides to try freediving because of its purity and simplicity. Only being able to free dive during the summer holidays he was unable to improve his skills and had to seek professional training. David met Rudi Castineyra, the world’s most renowned freediving trainer, and Yasemin Dalkilic (Female Turkish freediving world record holder) in November of 2000. It was then that David started training under Rudi’s supervision to set his first free diving world record.

Within four months Rudi had developed David’s natural talent to set the first official Unassisted Constant Ballast world record to a depth of 147ft / 45m without the use of fins or any propulsion device. On October 21st, 2001 David set a new world record to an amazing depth of -47m / 154m, again on July 12th, 2002 to 51m / 167ft, then on June 10th, 2004 to 65m / 213ft.

David currently lives in Jamaica with his wife, two times Olympic gold medalist in Synchronized Swimming, Olga Novokshenova with their son Alexander Lee.